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A Closer Look At The Dance Mat Typing Game

The world today revolves around the use of computers. Without basic computer skills, life is bound to difficult for you. Imagine a situation where you cannot edit your CV, leave alone sending an email. As you go about your daily business, you will realize that most people who are considered proficient in using computers started using them at a very young age. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your kids can use a computer at an early age. It is at this point where a game like dance mat typing kicks in.

Dance mat typing game


If you are not so sure what a dance mat game is, it is a game for kids to help them learn how to type faster and efficiently. It’s simple to learn nature makes it best typing practice for kids. This game is divided into four main levels, which are further subdivided into some stages. This article looks at level 1 or the beginner level and all its stages.

Level 1

Stage 1

In the beginner level, this stage shows you how to place your fingers correctly on the keyboard. It is at this stage where one is showed how to align their fingers in the home row or the one with “ÁSDFGHJKL”, where the index fingers are placed on the F and J. At this stage, you are also encouraged to tap the space tab with the index finger.

Stage 2

Upon completion, this stage kicks off by doing a review on what was taught in the first stage and goes ahead and teaches one how to use the vowels “E & I.” At this stage, the learner is taught or encouraged to take these two vowels without moving away from the home row. The exercise starts from easy to hard. The good thing is that the interactive nature of this course makes everything interesting.


Stage 3

After completing stage 2, stage 3 introduces you to using “R” and “U.” After completing these stage, you should be comfortable with typing words on the home tab along with the letter “E, I, R, & U”. Likewise, all the other level serve to learn how to use other parts of the keyboard.

Introducing your kids to dance mat typing is not used to improve your typing skills, it also has other benefits. To a kid, the songs at the end of each stage and animated teachers are bound to entertain them as well. Notwithstanding, persons of all ages can play this game.

Tips to go on a football game


Going to a live football game is a great outing event. You will get the time to see real action, cheer with other fans and have fun the best way you know how. Make sure you buy cheap Dallas Cowboys tickets for the game. Well, that is always your hope when you get out and decide this weekend is all about football.

Football game tips

Buy tickets early

The last minute queue will water down your enthusiasm for the game. You may take longer to get the tickets. Worse of it all, you can find all the tickets gone. Whether you are buying them online or you are physically going for them, ensure you do it early.


Ask for a friend to come with you

As much as there will be other fans cheering on your team, you still need the good company of someone you know. A friend or family would fit that description. Tell them of the game early in advance. Get the tickets together and get ready for the day.

Bring some cash for refreshments

Getting thirsty is something that will catch up with you during a football game. The cheering and jumping will drain a good amount of water from your body. You will new some cash to spend on water and other refreshments. Having money in your pocket makes it easy to buy anything you want. It may be too inconvenient to use your ATM or credit cards.

Dress accordingly for the weather

If there something you should get right then it is the weather. You do not want to come home shivering just because you did not wear something heavy for the biting cold. Look at the weather forecast and know what to expect. If it is hot, dress lightly. For cold weather, you will need heavy clothing. If it is rainy, you should come with an umbrella.

Do not get drunk

There are those who think that game time is the best time to get drunk. You do not want to miss on the great occasions on the field. It will be embarrassing that you paid too much for the ticket only to pass out when it is the ripe time for the game. You can have your one or two bottles after the game but during the game, let it all be about football.


Keep safe, stay safe

You probably have seen fans get injured. This is the last thing you would want for yourself. Always ensure you are safe at all times. Do not get into rowdy groups. Stay close to your friend. If it seems unsafe to stay, you better find a fast way out. But do not panic, it rarely gets to this with many football games.

If you have ever attended a football game, you must know how fun it can get. As long as you came prepared, you will be assured of great football time. Keep it safe all the time, and this would turn out to be your other hobby.

5 Reasons to Go to Ed Sheeran Concert


If you love music, then you can never miss the Ed Sheeran concert. You can now buy Ed Sheeran tickets online and preserve your spot at the concert. Going to Ed Sheeran music is the best way to spend your holiday and get great entertainment.

Why go to Ed Sheeran Concert

Support the greater good

You don’t get to see one of the characters from your favorite TV Series or a cluster of movies every day. The Game of Thrones factor may not be motivation enough. Being part of the change for a better world may, however, inspire you. Ed is celebrated for his charity endeavors. The proceeds from his concerts are often directed toward helping the needy and vulnerable groups across the world. In 2017, Ed was honored as Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his charitable actions around the world.

Create special moments

Ed is a performance artist in demand. He is always scheduled to perform in a major city somewhere around the world. Tickets to live Ed Sheeran’s shows are subsequently always available online, making it possible to make plans for a vacation with a difference. If you’ve always wanted to visit a European city, for example, logs on and look at his schedule then ensure that your vacation’s booking coincides with his concert dates in a particular city. Do this as a surprise gift to a special person who adores Ed’s acoustic guitar tunes, and he or she will have a memorable experience.

Get into shape

Ed delivers high energy concerts. Attending them is like walking into a lively gym full of highly charged people in the party mood. It’s easy to let go once the “feel good attitude” sips into you and pushes aside the worries of daily life. Besides putting on the best of smiles, you will also get into shape because you can’t attend an Ed Sheeran concert without breaking a sweat.


Connect with people

You may not adore Ed that much, but it’s always possible to meet someone who you adore more at his concerts. Ed attracts crowds. He, therefore, helps people to connect and inspire change in their lives for the better. While some people talk of having met their spouses at concerts of these kinds, others point out at how they met their dream employers or changed their perception of the world. Charity concerts are examples of eye openers because they bring out the 21st-century challenges and advocate for ways to overcome them.


Don’t be kind of person who does the same thing over and over till boredom bleeds from your veins. Turn an Ed Sheeran concert into your “road not take” and unveil the treasures on the other side of the valley. Life has a funny way of working out. The solution to your current challenge may be found in the most unlikely of places. Don’t be surprised if it’s at the upcoming Ed
Sheeran concert.

Types Of Parties To Throw


Partying is part of almost everybody’s life. Once in a while, you attend parties with different themes and for specific purposes. Parties include drinks, presents, foods, games and many people of course. Parties are of different types, but all of them must have the above components to be complete.

Most popular types of parties

Birthday party


Such parties are popular and common as everyone has a birthday to be celebrated each year. This is a party intended to celebrate that day when you were born and able to see the world’s beauty as well as your mother. These parties are particularly important to kids. Other than clowns, foods, games, gifts, and drinks, sometimes presents add happiness and fun to the party. Other birthday parties are organized according to personal preferences.

Wedding parties

Wedding parties as the name suggests are those parties held after wedding celebrations. The aim of a wedding party is celebrating the new stage that the new couple has embraced of spending their life together. The groom and bride share happiness with everyone, and in return, the people gift the couple things they can use in future.

Barbecue parties

This type of party is particular and usually do not correspond to any occasion every time since it can be held at any time and by anyone who wants. Barbecue parties are normally hosted by a given household in the backyard. The main dish is what gives the party its name. It is easy to organize because you just need to assemble pop up gazebo then putting outdoor furniture and inviting your neighbors and friends to your home.

Christmas and Halloween parties

partiesleftashdgfhjkThese parties are also celebrated annually. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December while Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October. During these parties, people wear costumes that they see fit for the celebration. Some people go for costume and wigs during Halloween and other for a wig, beard, or Santa Claus dress for Christmas celebration. Such apparels make the celebrations meaningful and colorful.

Besides the drinks and food that make parties fun for most people, they also love them since it allows people relatives, friends, and even neighbors to get together and share happy moments. Attending parties also helps you mingle and bond with each other as well as make new friends.


Hier, Mathieu Amalric a créé l’évènement avec son Tournée qui a déjà séduit la plupart des critiques et le public présent. Aujourd’hui, c’est le coréen Im Sang-Soo qui présente The Housemaid, remake d’un classique du cinéma coréen réalisé en 1960 par Kim Ki-young, l’histoire d’une gouvernante qui s’immisce dangereusement dans la vie d’une famille bourgeoise.

Benefits Of Having A Photo Booth During Events

Photo booths are becoming popular in events over time, and the trend does not seem like it will fade away anytime soon. They make the events fun and memorable. It can be a bit tedious having a photographer moving all around during the whole event just to catch a glimpse of everybody. Moreover, some guests may not like some photos because they were taken when they had no clue that they were taken. If you are unsure of photo booths, have a look at these advantages of having Photo booth Singapore services in your next event.

Advantages Of Photo Booths

They Are Cost Effective

When photo booths were introduced to the market, they were used in mega events like celebrity get together events. However, that is not the case anymore. A lot of people have access to them, and they can use them in their intimate occasions. The charges will depend on the length of time that you will use it for and the features that you would want it to come with. The charges are relatively low in the long run, and therefore it could be a way of saving money.

Customization Of Photos

The best part feature of using photo booths is that you can customize your photos to match the theme of your event. You can make that possible by ensuring that the photo strips match the event’s palette. In addition to that, you can add a logo on the photo strips because that will make the event more memorable as well as give your event more visibility.

They Can Be Personalized

In addition to personalizing borders and customizing the colors of the booth, you can get the pictures customized too. You can also use a theme of your choice that will make the experience of your visitors and yourself more exciting. If you want to try out the 70’s theme, you can try it and looking back at the photos; you will realize that the event was what you wanted and it was what you got.

Live Feed Photo Projections

Most photo booth companies do slide shows of the photos that are taken inside the booth. Most people get carried away, and they are at ease taking the photos in the booth. That may not be the case while getting a photo from a professional photographer. Getting to see the photos on a big screen during the event is a sure way to bring life to the party.