Top Sites to Watch Free TV Shows Online

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With the advent of the internet, buying a cable package or owning a television set is not necessary to enjoy watching TV shows. The truth is that there are several websites out there that let you watch free TV shows and even download to watch offline. You should note that not all these websites are legal. For instance, some sites try to scam visitors by coaxing them to add suspicious extensions into their browsers.

When you are not careful, some websites come with downloads that infect your PC. The most popular legal websites to watch the TV series online charge a fee and not many people are ready to pay for it. The following is a curated list of websites that allow streaming TV shows for free and legally.


online tv showThis is an entertainment platform that allows you to watch different TV shows for free. The website is owned by Sony. Therefore, you can trust it when it comes to reliability and quality. In fact, it has a huge collection of top TV shows. The content is well-organized plus the search option to allow you to explore more. In fact, there is no limit to TV videos you can stream and the good thing is that it provides iOS and Android apps to watch various TV shows online. Although these shows are not ad-free, they are 100% legal to watch.

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This is a relatively new website that allows people to stream popular TV shows and even download. Unlike, other streaming sites, this website focuses only on popular TV shows


tv weather showThis is an online TV show website that allows users to stream and watch episodes without the need of signing up. When you choose to do so, it lets you create a list of favorites and even resume playback across various devices. It has a clean and neat interface with top categories such as comedy, reality, crime, and dramas.

Even though it may not have a more extensive collection of movies, it is worth to check it. This is because their quality of videos enriches your viewing experience and allows you to switch between different devices. The good thing about Tubi is that it has a user-friendly interface and it has both Android and iOS apps.